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Youth Literacy and Paper Beads

I am creating an art piece for The South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council.

Artists donate work, and proceeds go towards literacy for youth. Luckily, I was informed that the Council likes to “keep its counsel”  (keep the pieces “under wraps”) until all the art is received by them, and revealed at once.

The pieces are 4″ x 6″, approximately, and are enclosed in a shadow box ~ which is provided to each artist. I was quite delighted to say yes, because I know how important literacy is (as a teacher, and a professional librarian). Also, I had this hankering to put work into a shadow box, and this was a great way to try that out.

I’ll “reveal” my piece when I get the go ahead.

Meanwhile, I am rolling paper beads. I had this idea that rolled paper beads should do the trick as spacers between the layers of my paper quilts, as I am now creating double deckers.

Rolled paper beads

We shall see how feasible the idea is after I try it out ~in  my mind, I can see all the steps, but sometimes the physical carrying out of those steps reveals other steps I did not foresee.

There are a few reveals in the offing, then.

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