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Your Money or Your Life

Years ago I read a book called Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. It was a life changing book, for me, as it opened my eyes to the fact that the money I made represented how I expended my life energy.

If that does not make sense, I would urge you to read the book for yourself.

Liberating Limits:

Like most Americans, I had swallowed a delusion that freedom means “no limits.” Even choice – the hallmark of freedom – has morphed into hyper-choice: too many trivial choices and far too few meaningful ones. This kind of freedom is toxic and far from what any decent religion or morality would promote. Yet it is so embedded in our psyche that we can’t seem to stop. I came to see that addressing overconsumption .  .  .  would require a falling in love with limits the way we’ve fallen in love with freedom. To see limits as allies, not enemies. Spiritual practices – as well as fields of study – are called disciplines because people willingly nozzle down their attention to create the focused power needed to master their area of passionate interest. A spiritual path is a liberating limit.

Robin is also teaching a course through The Shift Network, called Having What You Truly Want: the art of resource-FULLness.

I want to help you create an amazing change in your life, so that you feel happy, whole, and fulfilled. It’s a revolution in how you relate to the world of stuff. This change is possible even on a modest income by bringing the “things” of your life into alignment with your essence and your truest values. When you do, you lose a lot of the frenzy and stress that is typical of Western culture. Your life will be simpler, clearer, more creative, and filled with a deeper kind of satisfaction than when you are seeking, acquiring, fixing, and managing things that don’t bring you real joy.

I hope you are as intrigued as I was and am. This woman has a perspective that is well worth considering.

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