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You’ve Got To Be Kidding

I could not believe that I did not take a single picture of the stuffed dolls we were working on as the next stage in our doll creating/making process at the Margi Hennen workshop I attended last week. My sentence may be a run-on, but my pics did not run on far enough.

So I will have to tell you what happened. It’s always better to show than tell, but my choice is limited.

Quite a few people finished one or even two dolls. I worked slowly. At workshops, I like to see what others are doing, pay close attention to the workshop leader, make notes, pick the workshop leader’s brain. Then I go home and work in my studio, where I experience a percolating effect of what I picked up at the workshop. It ends up coming through in my own time,  in my own style.

Stuffed doll front view

Stuffed doll back view

Stuffed doll side view 1

Stuffed doll side view 2

Excuse me while I go and stuff some arms and legs.

P.S. This doll is made from a piece of my own hand-painted cotton.

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