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You make it, but then you have to hang it

I am just finishing up the hanging rod to attach to my quilt for The Grand National. Those four inch hanging sleeves at the top of a quilt do NOT work for me. I could argue they don’t work really well for anyone, but that would require a whole other post.

My “sleeve” looks like this, with a few improvements that I worked out after needing to hang bigger pieces.

Hanging rod

I must finish it, gesso it, glue it on the back of the quilt, then let it dry. If you are curious about my hanging methods, ask, and I’ll provide a more detailed description of how I create hanging sleeves and rods for my paper quilts, after this quilt is “on the wall.” My deadline is fast approaching.

#CWWOL20110405 #hangingaquilt #hangingrod #TheGrandNational

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