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Yes, Pikachu

I spent the entire day working with my grandson, making a Pikachu figure out of felt. It turned out well, and he is VERY pleased, but I can’t show it, of course.

Copyright, and all that.

I can show you the originl painting of Broken. I did it in the morning before work, but first I took a few minutes to “ask” inwardly for an image.

Broken ~ original painting

I scanned the painting, then took it into Photoshop and put another figure behind the first, added a hand, and changed the background, quite a number of times. It is so amazing to be able to try things on a painting, digitally.

Broken ~ with green face & hand added, and background turned to gray

Broken ~ with purple background

Now, I want to stitch it. But first, I will change that “wing” back to the original. I like it better.

#PhotoshopElements #wing #Broken #Pikachu #stitch #acrylic

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