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Wowee, Zowee: More Paper Quilts!

I might have mentioned previously that paper quilting is quite addictive. When Kelli Nina Perkins first caught the bug, she said, “I couldn’t stop making these crazy things! ” If you had the results Kelli has, why would you stop? Tulipomania, indeed! Kelli describes, among other things, how she creates monoprints for her paper quilts.

Speaking of monoprints, Cathee has a succinct tutorial on a simple monoprinting technique over at Art and Soul.

Lucie Summers is a UK artist who is making some delicious paper quilts: she utilizes her own block prints.

I simply adore, darling, the paper quilt by Jane LaFazio called Following the Sun. It is inspired by a poem by Mary Oliver, and it’s made out of old library book check out cards sewn together and painted with acrylic paint. So right there you have my favorite poet (Oliver), my favorite paints (acrylic), and I have a library degree, so the library cards are significant as well!

ink on a Lexan plate

Monoprints: on rice paper, using ink on a Lexan plate

Making and using monoprints in paper quilts is a fun, fast, and satisfying activity.

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