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Wine spill

Visiting a winery, instead of taking pics of all the equipment, or even the wine tasting, I was fascinated with wine spills on the cement floor. Especially this one, which I call “Blushing cement.”

Wine spill on cement floor

With my little digital camera, it’s difficult to get an accurate picture. There is too much I can’t control, and frankly, that doesn’t bother me a bit. I just want enough to play with.

Blush 1

Blush 2

Blush 3

Blush 4

Blush 5

The differences between some of them are subtle, and the files are not very big. They will make good collaging elements. I may try to paint one of them, as well. There is something calling me, here.

#cement #Winespill #vineyard #concrete #blush #winery

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