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Wild Desire

Standing amidst her long limbed sisters, she was certain that if she was tapped a glowing sap would flow from her being. It would taste like contentment, with a lingering note of wild desire.

17.75” (l) x 24”

The figure in this paper quilt may appear far too serene to be harboring wild desire. But by becoming one with her “sister trees,” she has fulfilled her desire and reached a state of contentment. Her hands, a nest in themselves, cradle a bird’s nest, which holds three eggs. A bird has honored her stillness. A lingering note of wild desire still remains; who knows when it will be resurrected from its quiescence.

This is a dream quilt, and I interpret it as an encouragement to reach out, go out on a limb, honor my wild desires. The bird symbolizes, in part, the freedom to do just that, to fly in the face of limiting fears. From what the young woman is holding in her hands, it appears that daring these things will provide nurture for my spirit, and contentment.

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