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Wiebe Way Appliqué

I love paper appliqué. It is a terrific way to add detailed images onto paper quilts.

Also, sometimes you have the quilt at a certain stage and feel that something is missing—there’s more you need to add to achieve your vision. Gluing it on at this point may look very much like the afterthought it is, because it doesn’t have the benefit of all those layers of paint and whatever else you have used on the rest of the artwork.

I have found that paper appliqués blend in quite nicely. Here they are in a few easy steps:

1—Print out your image. You have, of course, the option to simply draw or paint an image. I use ordinary, 20lb printer paper.

Images I created to use as appliqués on a paper quilt.

2— Glue your image to the smoothest side of a paper towel with soft gel medium, gloss (I use Golden). Smear the gloss all over the top of the image as well (just make sure whatever materials you used have dried well, and are waterproof, to prevent smearing).

Paper image glued to napkin with gloss medium.

3— Once this is dry, you cut it out with a little of the paper towel showing. It’s time to hand sew (or sew on the machine if you are very accurate on fairly small pieces). I love doing some hand sewing, and save these pieces to take along with me or work on in the evening. They are fun and relaxing to do.

4— I use whipped double running stitches to make thread lines over my image lines.

See the finished stitching on the image below.

I have completed a whipped double running stitch around all the lines in my appliqué.

5— When the stitching is complete, I smear gel medium all over the top and let it dry. Then I carefully cut out the image.

The sewing gives the lines a nice raised edge.

Appliques are cut out and ready to attach to the quilt.

As soon as I have the quilt ready for the appliqués, I will demonstrate how I apply them.

See more articles like this coming to Cracked Paper Quilts. I’d love to have you join us!

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