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When your mind gets felted

A good friend mentioned that she was interested in felting. That’s all, just mentioned it. . Somehow, that word bore into my head like a nail hammered into a board. I became temporarily fixated on felting. However, I can’t wear wool, so I was zeroing in on places where artists were making nuno felt (after ascertaining that it wasn’t itchy like felt because of the fabric backing, a “fact” which I haven’t tested myself yet).

Here’s is a smattering of what I found. I could only search for an hour, so I am sure there are thousands more sites, and I do spend time reading the blurbs, for quality control.

I would incorporate felting into my work, or if I want to invest in a whole new set of tools. But I am thinking about it. Oh, and for part of the search I added Ontario to my search string, because I wanted to find out who was teaching felting around me. . Threads in time: In Ontario, and has 40 colours of wool roving. . The Fibre Artists Collective: gorgeous header. Ausma Clappisonis experimenting with ancient and modern felt making techniques.She has a cape in her gallery lined with ultrasuede (no direct link). . Needle Felting: Broaches and Baubles with Andrea Graham: There is a year-round education and retreat centre in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve in Southeastern Ontario  called Wintergreen Studios. Andrea Graham is a feltmaker who is teaching there at present. I really like her work. She has a blog, as well, and her site led me to The International Feltmakers Association.

Chris Knits in Niagara shows some great pics of nuno felting, done with a cordless hand sander.


Fullenstar Studio: beautiful nuno scarves


Feltworks has fabulous felted clothes. Jenn Giles has written Felt Fashion. Harlequin Feltworks is associated with this blog.


KC Lowe is about nuno felting. Her gallery really gets my juices flowing. Lowe says she  loves the fact that she can guide the materials but not dictate the outcome. That sounds like a person who chooses process over product. Don’t many of us choose materials or processes that guarantee this unknown outcome? Who love mystery, and want to make sure that it is spirit providing the message rather than our own egos?

KC Lowe nuno felt

I have MANY more links, but supper calls.

I will say that I have dabbled with the idea of getting into felting for years. It has always appealed to me as a fluid way of making clothing, hat, hangings, especially since I stumbled across nuno felting. I believe Polly Stirling originated that idea (Wild Turkey Felt Makers) and her wearables are awe inspiring. She has a Walkabout Vest pattern and a Hand Felt Yardage book  available.

PS-Two painting starts are drying. They will be tomorrow’s post.

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