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When Will I See You Again?

I have a million ideas in my head.

When I concentrate on a particular one, it flows out from my mind like a flag, waving and inviting me to create something out of it.

Which made me think of the song Waving Flag, by K’naan. I  admit that, as an idea person, if someone’s ideas appeal to me, I will grow to love their work, even if my “first impression” was indifferent or even negative.

Waving Flags

I am not saying good-bye today, but I am saying that when you next hear from me, things will be different. I can feel a sea change coming on, so it’s time to go fishing. There are art avenues I want to travel down, and if you stay subscribed, you will be the first to know where I’ve travelled!

But for the time being, I am taking a sabbatical from online posting, even while I reserve the right to write a post now and then if I find something I simply have to share immediately.

The last week of school, before I retired from teaching, I told every child: “Have a great life!” Who knows when or if I will see them again? And who knows when you will hear from me, or where our paths may cross.

I love the open-ended-ness of that, realizing life is a game and a fascinating adventure.

Remember to love yourself, Carol

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