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What You Will Do for a Pair of Handknit Socks

Mary Buchanan, at Threading the Needle, has come up with quite a bucket list.

Actually, she insists it is NOT a bucket list, but a compilation of things she really wants to do. It was  inspired by Patti Digh, who made a list called 50@50 (this is an incredible list!). Patti Digh’s name keeps coming up in the conversations I have with other women (i.e Tammy Vitale), so I checked out her blog, 37 days. The byline is “What would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?” If that sounds depressing to you, spend a half hour on Patti’s blog and you will feel uplifted. You will find out why she called it 37 days, and the fact that it turned into a book that has won hearts and awards everywhere.

She certainly won Mary’s heart, who dubs Patti her “new best friend” and attests that Life is a Verb makes her heart sing. Mary feels so good about turning 57 that she is not afraid to broadcast it. In honor of those years, she named 57 goals she has always wanted to accomplish. Go, Mary!

Mary admits she loves to make lists–I don’t and seldom do–but I did leave a 10 item list as a comment on her post for a very altruistic reason (the chance to win a pair of handknit socks). Can I pick the colors, Mary?

1–Be published in magazines (I have achieved this, but want to do MORE) 2–Publish books,e/books and DVDs to inspire and delight 3–Teach art with some of my favorite teachers (this would mean travelling ALL OVER the globe) 4–Encourage and support those who do not think they have the talent to make art (this is a special passion of mine) 5–Start and run an art centre (like Claire and Leslie at Committed to Cloth. Have you SEEN that facility? 6–Make a living from art alone 7–Have any and all the art supplies and books I desire (I would need the centre from #5 to contain this much) 8–Become very good at business (I have SO much to learn, because for decades I thought I was above all that~LOL) 9–Become THE expert on paper quilts 10–Enlightenment

Ten does kinda stick out, doesn’t it? But it has been the basis of my whole life. I simply misunderstood that the material and spiritual are quite compatible. Money is just energy: you use it to achieve goals.

Learning about business presents exciting new challenge that I am exploring at an age where most people have switched gears AWAY from business and are on the cusp of what they hope will be a blissful retirement.

Making art and learning the business of art~this IS my bliss.

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