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What will YUDU?

I mentioned having thermofax envy a while back, and quite recently I have been getting comments about the YUDU.

Trans-craft-inental is excited about it.

alegnaavlis mentioned it on a Flickr Gocco discusssion group.

Blue Roof Designs is asking if Yudu is the new Gocco. Elissa R. Campbell has some good questions about the product, (and I love her chopstick journals).

It’s no surprise that Everything Cricut is pushing it.

Glenda (aka The Gadget Queen) filmed a demo of  the machine works at a Craft and Hobby Convention.

Weddingbee wonders if this is the next big thing for making wedding invitations (and other fun products).

Lori Shrout is experimenting with her YUDU.

Isabelle has YouTube Demo 1 and Demo 2, which she filmed while enjoying champagne.

Julie Green thinks they should have named the machine heroin.

Also go to the Yudu site 1 or Yudu site 2,  or Provo craft (who also make the Cricut products, for info, videos, and more.) The ads, quite different than most, are actually thought provoking! My favorites, especiallye Unsilence Yourself and I Am Here.

At Craftervidz, you can see another demo. Just be prepared for the theme song (I shall say no more).

Sarah also features a YUDU video on her site and she is so blown away that she says:

I can’t wait to use this in my classrooms and intend fully on having machines (yeah, you read that correctly. . . multiple machines) available for folks to use to give their own ideas a voice.

Enough already. So, what do you think? What will YUDU? (The name just invites puns of this sort, and who am I to resist?)

I am undecided at present (unless I was given one as a present, which I would certainly be HAPPY to accept). However, I will be keeping my eye on this product and waiting for it to come to Canada. Sometimes, I think manufacturers don’t realize that Canada is in North America.

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