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What Is Going On?

I’ve been thinking about the differences between collage and painting.

When I use paint, and only paint, there is great excitement involved in anticipating the outcome. Risks are high. Once I have painted over something, what lies beneath is gone. With collage, I can see exactly how colors and patterns go together. I can place a collage element here or there, and know that when I place it, it will look as good as my eye judged it to be. There is less guesswork.

Soon, however, that advantage goes out the window as I paint into my collage. Now I run the same risks I mentioned before, except that I can always add MORE collage over a spot that ends up looking dreadful.

All this sounds like I take myself WAY too seriously. Sometimes I do, but I have a knack for being and appreciating the ridiculous, so it seldom takes long before I have a good laugh at myself and just get on with it.

Then there is digital art making.  Ahhh, the layers allow you such freedom to experiment, and save every nuance, loose nothing. Until, that is, you have SO many layers, and SO many saved versions that you get completely confused and don’t know what is what anymore.

I like a work of art that I can put on my wall, hold in my hand, that has actual substance (I believe I have mentioned this before) beyond pixels on a screen. Once I print my digital work out, and I am back at the point of using the printout as a collage element, or painting into it. Even if I stitch it, the painting and collage must enter in.

There is no free ride, no passing go without spending a few sleepless nights in jail. Every single thing I make requires risks, decisions, mistakes, cover-ups, eurekas, hallelujahs, expletives and laughter.

There is always a whole lot of learning going on.

Yesterday’s Four Red Orbs morphed into Intersection:


See also:

Red gold pattern 4

Red gold pattern 6

There were qite a few blue versions as well:

Blue pattern 1

Blue pattern 3

I think I did 30 designs, all told (and that is not an April fool’s joke). Tomorrow I’ll share my favorites.

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