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What Is God?

Peter Rodger has a lot to say about God ~ or, rather, he spent a number of years travelling the globe and filming what other people have to say.

The question is “What is god, not who is god” ~ the concept, not an anthropomorphic description. The “answers” he found are fascinating and thought provoking, especially the observation that many have not progressed beyond the god of their childhood, or that they willfully practice religion in ways that contradict their own “holy books.”

Of course, some have a simple answer: I don’t believe in god. The problem with that is, many do, so it is still a question that must be dealt with.

Now I want to see the movie.

God is the glue that binds us together. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ Peter Rodger

Here is how Chris Grisom answers the question.

If I was showing both of these videos to a classroom, I would require that students compare and contrast what these two have to say.

How would you answer the question?

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