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  • Carol Wiebe

What Am I Doing These Days?

I am so glad you asked (that’s me, treating this blog like a separate entity — one that poses questions, no less).

Well, I’m doing a secret project. I have a collaboration thing going with a marvellous artist friend of mine, and we have sworn to document the process and only unveil our results at the very end. Am I trying to pique your curiosity? Probably, but it’s more my reputation as a productive artist that I’m trying to protect. I wouldn’t want you to think I am just sitting around–heaven’s NO, I am working on a SECRET PROJECT!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. ~ Dr.Seuss

Also, I am getting quite far along on that “It Is Written” book I shared earlier (It Is Written and Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow!). Some of the pages in It Is Written are no longer recognizable, and the title is probably going to change. Such is the metamorphosis of a piece of art when you are a layerist (which some might describe as an artist who doesn’t get it right the first time -or- who gets it right the first time and then messes it up!)

Can you tell I am in a bit of a silly mood? That is always dangerous, and requires mouth clamps. (Obviously, my fingers are perfectly capable of working in collusion with the aforementioned mouth). The real truth is that I can’t help myself. I have to mess up and then resuscitate my art, over and over again. Layerist sounds classier and less chaotic.

I am also going to write on every page (I am reverting back to It Is Written, if I have thoroughly confused you, by now), using my own handwriting, so that will take additional time and thought. The process is such a revelatory one, like all art making is for me.

Creating a book feels so different from creating a painting, even though the pages are a succession of small paintings. I am not delving into the reasons behind that because I would love to do so in conversation with those of you who would be generous (and brave enough) to leave your comments.

It would be wise to just delete this entire post. If you are reading this, I haven’t gotten around to it yet (Gotten never seems like a real word, but what can you substitute for it), partially because I am hoping you ARE going to leave a comment.

Or ask me how I am feeling.

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