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We Make Art to Set It Free: Be Brave, Submit!

I haven’t always thought this way. At one time, I recited a constant monologue about not needing to sell, where I insisted that selling isn’t everything, I’m not in it for the money, it’s not about commercialism.

Somewhere along the way, those feelings changed.

Now, I want to sell my work. I liken it to a mother whose children have grown, so they need to go out and be part of the world, interact with it, contribute to it. I am thrilled to think of my work having something to say, as it graces someone’s wall, dialoguing with them and others who come into their lives.

So I’ve been looking around for places to send my work, both to display and sell. Being Canadian, I’m especially interested in Canadian venues. But really good American ones are a definite option as well.

Art Craft Design Culture offers fiber art calls, and I think that GoodEgg Industries has an intriguing mission:

Our mission is to support the Canadian independent craft community by bringing attention to the work of exciting, emerging craft artists and designers. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share all of the creativity happening in Canada with the rest of the world!

Artists in Canada has a whole page of calls for entry resource links. I’m sorry I missed the “Wild Thing” call for entry by the Focus on Fibre Art Association, in Edmonton, Alberta:

Take your “wild side” for a walk and send us your result. In a short artist’s statement, tell us how this piece represents your inner “wild thing.”

Now that would have been FUN! I’ll keep an eye on this association! And I like the sample artist statement that illustrates the format they are looking for.

Artipedia lists a whole range of calls for entry as well.

AWOL gallery in Toronto has an annual group exhibition of hundreds of local, national and international artists in all media, The Square Foot Show. Why, the “sqaure foot” show? Because every piece of artwork must be exactly 12” x 12” inches.

Getting even smaller, if you want to make some Artist Trading Cards to display, check out the Richmond Art Gallery’s 3RD ANNUAL ARTIST TRADING CARD EXHIBITION.

The American ArtShow has an International section of calls for entries.

Cyndi Lavin, who has her fingers in everything creative, has a calls for entries section in her Layers Upon Layers blog.

It’s exciting that the American Craft Council is now open to full-time residents of the U.S. or Canada producing original, handmade work in the following media: ceramics, glass, metal, stone, wood, fiber, jewelry, leather, mixed media, furniture, basketry, clothing, lighting, paper, toys & puzzles, musical instruments.

That’s enough for now. I’ll be revisiting these from time to time, and honing the list for my own use.

Be brave: SUBMIT!

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