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We All Are Part of the Human Thing

The Be Good Tanyas are a trio consisting of  Sam (Samantha) Parton, Frazey Ford, and Trish Klein, who got their name from a song by music pioneer Obo Martin (“Be Good Tanya”) and now have three albums to their credit.

The group hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and presents a “mixture of deep country, early American folk, old-tyme jazz, blues, gospel and folk,” or what they describe as “a sound reminiscent of a bygone era.”

You can purchase The Be Good Tanyas music from their store, or on itunes.

Rob Reinheart, of Acoustic Cafe, advised:

Don’t try to peg The Be Good Tanyas….they’ll change your mind on each track.

David Grierson, of CBC Radio, said:

Every so often you come across a sound that stops you in its tracks and simply makes you listen. Hypnotic. Simple, in the very best sense. Direct.

Watch and listen to Human Thing (from the album Hello Love) and decide what you think of their music:

On MySpace, I found this fascinating info about Human Thing:

The creation of the “Human Thing” video has been a rewarding collaboration between Kate Brown (a talented animator from New Mexico) and Frazey Ford of The Be Good Tanyas. Together the two of them came up with ideas and concepts for this charming story and Frazey took her first step into the world of rotoscoping (Rotoscoping is animation that’s based on live-action photography). Kate spend countless hours creating the thousands of animated drawings by hand.

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