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Tyrrell Is Good at Making a Mark

Katherine Tyrrell from London, England, is a very prolific writer. No matter which of her various sites you visit, you will be deluged with information~good information. Katherine obviously likes to do research and is not afraid to express opinions or give advice. Probably the best place to start is at her hub. From there you are only a click away from her art portfolio, writing publications, and a host of resources, many of which are free. If that isn’t enough, she is constantly asking readers to make nominations, and then vote, which brings excellent artists and their sites to her attention, as well as getting readers involved enough to come back. Savvy lady.

One of Tyrrells latest votes was for Best Portrait by a Female Blogger. The winner, Nicole Caulfield, won the Making a Mark’s MAMA Award for Zen. It’s a wonderful piece, to my eye, and I am grateful enough to Tyrrell for that one connection to put her site on my Google Reader. I also will check out her 73 lenses at Squidoo, where she is a LensMaster. By the way, Squidoo (according to Squidoo) is one of the 300 most popular websites in the US. It has more than 700,000 hand built pages, every one of which is “built by a real person, like you (you are real, aren’t you?). You can build one too.”

There’s a great challenge, and perhaps even a New Year’s resolution you can make for 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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