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Turning a doodle into a pattern

I’m going to start out with a less than remarkable doodle. Sometimes doodles really have zing! and you blink, shake your head and say, “Wow! How did this come out of that ho-hum meeting? ” Other times, I simply save them out of habit, or curiosity as to how I can fiddle with them and make something else.

The first pic is my original doodle. Then I fix it up, make it straight, refine a little in Photoshop Elements. I repeat the doodle for a full sheet of pattern.

Doodle 1

Doodle 1 a

Doodle 1 b

I can use the pattern just like this, collage it onto my painting or quilt, then paint it whatever color/s I like. Or I can apply it to an appropriate background, placing the background behind my design and ending up with something like this:

Doodle 1 c

The background is a photo I took of rust on a ship.

This process would make a wonderful workshop topic, which I would be happy to teach. Creating marks, doodling, fooling around, whatever you feel comfortable calling it . . . and then transforming the results into art papers that can be used in your work. You could also simply print out the black & white version and paint that, or use paintstiks, ink, whatever! Scan your results, and keep experimenting. It’s a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole: the adventure goes on and on! Time disappears. The wonderful difference is that when you ‘wake up,’ instead of disorientation, you have a bunch of original art papers!

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