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Tricia McKellar

There is something about Tricia McKellar’s work that really speaks to me. She has a very unique way of putting images together, combining them masterfully into a seamless design. Here is how she describes what she does:

I’m in wonder of divine systems and man’s machines. I collect images of machines, insects, vintage photographs, technical drawings, kitschy junk and natural patterns, and create photographs & digital collages. Each collage is an exploration of another permutation.

McKellar also uses her Shibori work by photographing it, then digitally altering it for some very unusual design elements. I am especially fond of her Formula series, where she uses insects along with toy race cars, engineering diagrams, buttons. These disparate images never strike a discoradant note.

Take a look at her quilts, as well. Stitched Plan has an energy that keeps my attention: the three full orbs float between the rest of the “partial” objects like a serene trinity. It is a plan, a stitched plan. We can use conjecture to guess the plan, but whatever imagery is born in your mind after studying it, I know that a dozen more are brewing in Tricia MKellar’s.

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