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Today It Is Official . . . .

I am now a Stencil Girl. I even have an intro to the “family” by Mary Beth Shaw!!

You can find me on the SG website, listed under the artists who create the stencils.

I have been creating stencils for a number of years now and my mind thinks stencil when I cast my eyes over the horizon.

You know how that works. As a photographer, you are always composing photos. As an artist, you see color combinations, characters that your mind weaves stories around. an author, your ears are perked for picking up conversations, accents, or a piece of a story you can weave a whole novel around.

Perhaps you wear many hats, and so your mind is fully engaged as you take in the world around you, always filtering, filtering to feed your creative stash of images, sounds, even feelings.

Well, I now have added stencil shapes to the mix. I see trees interacting and think “stencil.” I see paint spatters and think “stencil.” In fact, just about anything can get me into stencil mode these days.

To celebrate my new Stencil Girl status, I am having a give away. I created the triptych pictured here with one of my stencils, and if you leave me a comment on this post, you are eligible to win it. (Be patient–I have to OK comments). I am also posting to Facebook, so a comment there would also qualify. If you want to comment and are not my “friend,” just ask!

Am I just a little giddy? Of course I am. I love the Stencil Girl line, and being part of it is quite an honor. I am in great company.

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