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Time Warps

A little over a year ago, Mary Emma Allen wrote a blog entry called Combining Fabric & Paper where she says: “Quilting art has evolved into fabric art which sometimes is combined with paper art as well. The lines between the three types of art, quilting, fabric art, and paper art, have become blurred to offer us many ways to use our imaginations and talents.”

So here I am, today, googling “mixed media” and quilts, and I find her words. To her, they may be old news. To me, the words are relevant to what I’m thinking about today, and I would like to have a conversation with her about them, because they certainly ring true for my experience.

I also had an e-conversation with the talented writer of Arte Es Vida about, among other things, a collaborative book project she began some time ago with a group of caring and compassionate people to support an ailing friend.

I feel a bit like a character in a sci-fi novel, picking up and continuing conversations that took place at other times in different parts of the globe. Will some of these words I write today be read and replies sent, say, five years from now? Fifty? Of course, entries are dated. This will stop some from replying—they are still caught in a completely linear mode. And, I can’t search in the future, at least not yet! But the Net is an exciting vehicle for us to practice a new way of being, thinking, and communicating that did not exist until fairly recently. Perhaps its very existence is an encouragement for us to be more elastic in all those modes, less stuck in deciding exactly how reality is constructed.

OK, enough. Beam me up, Scotty.

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