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Three DYNAMIC women . . .wait, make that four!

I recently viewed a thrilling example of synchronicity, on Bonnie McCaffery’s site, that produced a stunning, award winning quilt! First of all, let me say that Bonnie’s contribution to the quilting community is immense. Just watch a few of her vidcasts, if you haven’t already, to substantiate that statement (and I love that she is an excellent business person as well as quilter). The particular vidcast that I am referring to here is #20. Meet Annette M. Hendricks, Gail E. Thomas, Helen Godden, three dynamic women from three countries (and two continents) who collaborated on a quilt despite overwhelming, geographical challenges. Bonnie, of course, is the fourth dynamo!

Just in case you missed it on Annette’s site, and if you still haven’t experienced your fill of this inspiring story and quilt, you can examine the back of the quilt and close-ups of the work here! It kinda makes you want to get up close and personal with some artsy fartsy friends, eh? Three visions are demonstrably better, or at least as good, as one!

You know, I was feeling in a bit of a funk for some inexplicable reason, and I realised it was because I am starting to take myself too seriously. My playful side is tickling me for more fun and frolic! The inner jester (or more appropriately, the fool) is wagging a wily finger and challenging me to get braver about just being myself, and drop any dreary imaginary standards demanded by the roles of professional artist or award winning quilter. I intend to spend more time courting my wit and whimsy. Wahoooooooooo!

By the way, a master at wit and whimsy is Margi Hennen, shown here juggling a few of her quirky dolls. Wait, make that five dynamic women. Forget it, there’s too many of you out there to count!


I want to live, and make art, more extravagantly than carefully!

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