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There Must Be Reconciliation

I was having a conversation with a group of people, recently, and one of them made a statement that really impacted me. The topic was family discordance, and the words that reverberated were: Discordance is to be expected: we all have our differences. However,  there must be reconciliation: it is absolutely necessary for a family to thrive. It may be able to limp along, even if the edges are frayed by hurt feelings, or  there are holes of resentment in the fabric. But reconciliation brings joy. Why settle for less than joy?

I thought of the rust, in my rusty railing series, as the discord, the wearing away, the reactions that occur between family members (or anyone we know). The combinations of colors, patterns and shapes in these pieces brought the word reconciliation to mind.

Reconciliation 3

Reconciliation 5

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