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There Is a Channel Out There

We have all heard the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

Often, however, we think we are ready before we actually are. We convince ourselves we’re ready because we want something so badly.

Even after a teacher does come into our lives, we may not recognize him/her immediately. Ultimately, we have to decide for ourselves what to do and think and believe. A teacher merely points out a way. We, ourselves, have to take the steps.

Different teachers may suggest exercises, but they may not be the ones to work for you. All a teacher can do is suggest. He is like a lighthouse that says, “There are rocks over here, steer clear. There is a channel, however, out there”. …….~ Joseph Campbell (from an interview with Bill Moyer)

Map & Terrain

We KNOW we want to swim in that channel, even at the risk of drowning. There isn’t enough to satisfy us in the shallows.

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