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The Three ONLY Things

Leah Piken Kolidas really flipped a switch in my psyche. When I responded to her Robert Moss interview in March, it reawakened an interest in the power of dreams.

I immediately pulled old dream books off my shelf, and put a few new ones on hold at my public library. Soon, I had The Three ‘Only’ Things in my hands, and was avidly devouring it. The subtitle identifies what those three things are:  Tapping the power of Dreams, Coincidence & Imagination.

Amazon offers a summary, but I think this section says it all:

According to Robert Moss, it is ONLY through dreams, coincidence, and the workings of imagination that we begin to remember that there is a world beyond the obvious one, a world where we reawaken to who we are and what we are meant to become. Reawakening to this world, and living fully in it, is like awakening to a world of colour from black and white. The Three “Only” Things offers practical ways to make our dreams, imagination, and coincidences more powerful and active in our lives. The techniques take only a few minutes a day, but have amazing results.

Deanna Joseph, the Inspiration Editor at Bella Online, was so impressed that she said: ” Honestly, if there was an instruction book handed out at our birth, it should be this one!”

You may be wondering just who this Robert Moss is. He is a world authority on dreams, a bestselling novelist, and a former foreign correspondent and professor of ancient history. In The Secret of the Three Only Things, Moss reveals a major flaw in the approach that so many have attempted to adopt (Hint: the title of the book is the first two words of the title of this small essay):

The great secret of fulfilling our heart’s desires and living in joy and abundance is an open secret. It is a power to be claimed as soon as we awaken to its existence and adopt the tools and habits required to bring it through. The lesser secret involves the law of attraction: whatever we think or feel strongly, the universe says yes. If we carry around feelings of failure or dread, the world will give us lots of reasons to feel those things. If we follow our creative passions and are willing to make a leap of faith, the universe will support us and will bring us resources and opportunities in magical ways. The greater secret is that to work the law of attraction successfully, we need to be aware of which part of us is doing the willing and choosing, and we need to develop a practice that engages the body and the larger self, not merely the calculating ego.

That calculating ego is superb at tripping up our good intentions. Why would we want to manifest something that is not, in the long run, for our own good? We have all struggled to differentiate between wants and needs. As an artist and poet, I am always seeking to reveal the essence of things. Whatever tools I can utilize to expedite that inner knowing, those intuitive flashes that literally feel like my spirit is vibrating within my flesh and bones, I am willing to give more than a few trial runs.

In order to continue awakening to my own motivations, what excites me, what is worth spending my time and talents pursuing, I believe dreams offer invaluable insights. Sleep is restorative, and we apparently dream at least 5 times a night. It seems ludicrous to me that such an activity, which our whole species spends so much time engaged in, is sometimes dismissed as meaningless.

Dreams emerge from within.They are products (or productions!) of my own mind and spirit. I am grateful to be offered more tools that aid the deciphering of my nightly treasures.

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