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The Symbolic Language of the Soul

Susan Cornelis, at Susan’s Art and Sketchbook Blog, offers a very inspiring Soul Sketching Demo in her sidebar. I appreciate how she speaks so succinctly about tapping into her imagination,  then demonstrates how she “shows up at her art table” and “watches what happens as images appear on the paper and words come to mind.”

Susan has a deep sense of how important it is to “play” with art:

This art play gives  me immediate access to the symbolic language of the soul.

She has developed a soul honoring ritual, and does not begin until she senses an inner acquiescence:

I take a moment to focus on my breath and the movement of energy in my inner body. When my thoughts have slowed and there is an impulse to begin,  I plunge in.

There is a wonderful rhythm to her ritual: tune inward, slow your thoughts, receive the impulse, plunge in.

Susan has gone beyond art making as “a technical process to achieve a certain affect of beauty or realism that can be admired by others.” Instead:

It has become a vehicle for me to identify suppressed emotions and connect with inner wisdom. Now there is a thrill of showing up to paint with the knowledge that the spirit communicates directly with me using the language of imagery, of colors and forms.
By Susan Cornelis. It is "in process" but so powerful already!

By Susan Cornelis. This piece is "in process" but so powerful already!

Watching her demo will make you eager to see Susan’s artwork. Feast your eyes at her Vision Art Gallery and h20colors. She even does pet portraits! You might be interested in taking one of her workshops.

Whatever route you take to learning more about Susan Cornelis, her art, and her philosophy for creating art, you will be delighted with your discoveries. Susan has a soul stirring approach to art,  and she is keen to pass the torch of her passion to others.

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