• Carol Wiebe

The Sound of One Wing Flapping

I dreamed about having one wing again last night, she said. Her voice sounded tired, even though she had just stumbled out of bed. What is that about? How can I take off with only one wing?

Maybe it’s like the sound of one hand clapping, he offered.

One hand clapping wouldn’t make any sound at all, would it? She felt too tired to think.

That depends on what you clap against. He grinned. But I think it’s more about the potential of clapping.

This caught her attention.

So, if I visualize ~ or dream ~ one hand wanting to clap, I can help fulfill that potential by bringing in the other hand. She was awake, now, and pouring her first cup of tea.

Something like that. It’s a koan, and every student needs to find their own answer. He moved his cup closer to the teapot and she poured tea for him.

I am excited by the idea that my dream is signalling what I need to fulfill my potential. I want to fly in my art making, to have it take off and reach new heights! I can hear the rhythm, in my mind, of flapping wings. Tonight, I expect to be soaring in my dreams. Thanks for your insight. She smiled, as she cradled her warm mug in her hands.

Wow. And you got all that from the sound of one wing flapping! He grinned again.

This time, she gave an energetic grin back as she clapped her hands.


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