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The Pearl Within

I am reading The Quiet Girl, by Peter Hoeg, who has a very unique voice. At the moment, I am deliciously mesmerized by it. Here is a quote from page 33:

[S]ometimes the longing is greater than you are. And if you choke it, you’ll be destroyed.

It immediately brought to mind the design paper I created today, fittingly enough, from a photo of the crucifix fish. You should not be able to choke longing that is greater than you are,  but many know from personal experience that it is, sadly, possible. Longing of that magnitude is a pearl within. It must be honored, or a shriveling of the spirit results. So why would someone deny their longing?  Longing can be terrifying: what if we fail? What if we find out we can’t do or have what we long for? I believe that it is essential to express and try to fulfill such longing. That alone is a worthy pursuit, independent of success or failure.

The Pearl Within

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