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The L-A-B Arrives by Mail to Me

This week I received a package in the mail from Dayna Collins of Alley Art Studio. The package contained my little art buddy (LAB). I have not named the LAB yet, nor decided on gender.

Here is my challenge:

1) art it up 2) alter it beyond recognition 3) take a photo/photos of the little guy going on a field trip, 4) think of something Dayna hasn’t thought of 5) a combination of all of the above!

I thought Dayna might enjoy seeing that her LAB arrived safe and sound. I’ve been doing an egg/chicken theme lately, so I gently cradled the LAB on a nest of the shredded paper that S/he came packaged with.

S/he is waving  “Hello!” It is obvious that S/he is comfortable and in good spirits (though a little homesick).  Here is the X-ray version.

It reveals the LAB’s brave purple heart. S/he left Dayna to come to me for “alterations,” didn’t S/he?

By the way, I think Dayna may be psychic. She sent the LAB in this wrapping paper, without having seen a paper quilt I created lately. If only this paper had arrived sooner, I could have quilted it and saved hours of work.

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