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The Gift You Keep Unwrapping

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to encounter something ~ a book or a painting, a thought someone shares with us ~ that contains so much, has such import for us, that one can only marvel and laugh.

Why laugh?

Let me explain it this way. I have two marvellous grandchildren who continually astound me with their creativity and the observations they share about what goes on around them. When an especially apt comment is made, my first reaction is to laugh.  My granddaughter once asked why I was laughing. She wasn’t used to any derision from me, and wanted to clarify my intent.

“Sweetie,” I assured her, “I love how you brought that wonderful thought into the world. I am laughing because you made me feel happy.”

The Gift You Keep Unwrapping

It is a joy to come upon something that you can admire from all sides, relish, taste over and over with increased enjoyment. Every time you think of it you smile, or laugh. It’s the gift you keep unwrapping.

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