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  • Carol Wiebe

The deadline continues

A deadline can rattle you, or spur you on. Actually, it probably does both~ back and forth, over and over.

So, as I keep adding layers of paint and medium (and wait for them to dry), here’s a couple more footprints on the patio pics:

Snowy footprints on the patio 03

Snowy footprints on the patio 04

OK, I’m a bit rattled . . . better get back to my quilt. Cross your fingers for me.

Oh, and I did another “underpainting” (I only call the ones that “turn out” actual paintings). You might wonder why I do so many of these. I have a philosophy that, like photography, it takes a hundred tries to get a really good one. In the meantime, you keep practicing and honing your skills. Eventually, it may only take 10 to get a really good one.

A Faulty Construct

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