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The Class That Keeps Going


Didn’t I say I had a MAGNIFICENT class? Yes I did, here and here.

Well, I have more proof to offer, underscoring that shining fact.

Kathleen finished her quilt and sent me this pic:

Kathleen's finished quilt: Mindful

She also created a Cracked Paper Book, and has probably filled it already with images and poetry.

Kathleen's quilted paper book

Cheri sent me these fabulous pics:

Winds of Change 1

Winds of Change 1 (detail)

Winds of Change: Dragonfly

Winds of Change: Dragonfly (detail)

Remember Terri’s red & gold piece, and the promise of amazing beadwork? This pic shows a few samples of her talent:

Terri's art work window.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how these women keep sharing with me. My purpose is to inspire and be inspired, and the women in this class certainly inspired me.

Keep it coming! I smile every time I receive another gift in pictures from one of you! I am also happy to add more info, and links, to any of these pics if you send me that as well.

I applaud you all!

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