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The Big One Got Away!

The Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery has a juried quilt show every year called The Grand National. Last year I was fortunate enough to have two pieces accepted in the “Fantasy” theme.

This year, the theme is “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” The thing is, last year I decided, after noting a few of the larger, more spectacular pieces in the show, that I was going to really let out the stops for this next year. I studied my chosen subject and produced all kinds of preliminary drawings, and photographs, in preparation for my new quilt. Then other projects loomed, and before I realized it I was out of time. That was with a year’s notice! I had one small quilt, however, that I thought fit the theme, and it was accepted. So . . . . . what can I say? The big one got away! (Nothing is fishy about that statement.)

The exciting thing is that I created a large number of small quilts that, together, made it possible for me to learn what I needed to create the quilt I had planned. I still love the concept, and it has certain challenges I am eager to sink my teeth into. Of course, next year’s theme has already been announced, but not to worry: I have a whole year to complete it!

Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove


Trees, unlike the majority of humans, are mostly about being. While there is much that trees are doing, that doing flows directly from their being. And though these munificent beings have served us faithfully from the past to the present, we have not always been so generous in our treatment of them. This has put a great number of them at risk. With this quilt, I honor and cherish the trees among us. May we both have a future.

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