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The Best of Both Worlds

It will be 18 months, at the end of this month, that I have been posting every single day. It was part of my goal to also post at least one image every day.

In that time, I have created many digital images because they were the easiest way to express myself.

However, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have been painting, but I can’t make a painting every day. Some artists are expert croppers who can show you parts of a painting, or stages of a painting, and thus get a lot of post mileage out of one painting. There are even artists who can paint a painting a day.

I am not one of them.

I have been crocheting, but I use a small hook and thin thread, so the progress is slow.

My stitch work is slow as well.

Creating a handmade book usually takes me months. I have a number of these on the go.

Digital work is just one end of the spectrum, then. It allows me to work out many ideas very quickly, while savouring the slow work without fear that so much I want to say is not being expressed.

So, you see, I have the best of both worlds operating simultaneously.

The Loftiness of Trees Meets the Supportiveness of Asphalt

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