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The Benefits of Being Silly

Carla Sonheim is teaching an online drawing class called Drawing, Collage, Color, and Silly. Here’s her scoop:

Each day I will create an Activity Sheet just for you. Worksheets may include one (or more) of the following: drawing exercises (can’t draw? YES YOU CAN!), journaling prompts, a poem to illustrate, writing exercises, spelling words, drawing games, collage prompts, puzzles… (just to name a few). FUN!

I think this worksheet idea is brilliant! And her prerequisites are not stringent: “This class is open to ANYONE, whether or not they took the first class (Because “silly” has no prerequisite).”

You said that right, Carla!

Find many more brilliant ideas, and get to know Carla and her work on Snowball Journals.

You can also buy her book on your favorite book site. Who couldn’t use 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun?


Carla’s limerick is the icing on the cake:

It’s okay to want to be silly, When day-to-day life can be pilly, It just takes a word Or a drawing absurd To lighten your day willy-nilly!

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