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The Artful Life

Somehow, I have become quite relaxed about this new “career” of mine, making art.

I have decided it will not be anything like my other careers, where I labored hard and long to acquire the credentials and secure the positions I believed I needed. In all these positions I have had bosses to obey, co-workers to co-operate with, work to take home that ate away at off time, and a varied assortment of stresses that I simply considered part of  “the game.” In fact, I have not quite quit those games: by all counts I have another three years to keep my game face on. (Fortunately, when I am with the little ones, I just have fun!)

But art, ahhhh, that is an entirely different matter. My art career is unfolding as a marvelous, revelatory path of discovery. I have no-one else to please or answer to. I can create what I want, when and how I want. I have more dreams and plans than you can shake the proverbial stick at, but I refuse to get in a flap about any of them. I am engaged by them, not employed by them. They fascinate and excite me. They do not demand my time, but fill my time like love fills an open heart. I am not obligated to perform, but can follow the inner invitation to play with my entire being.

My intuition informs me of each step and I can take all the time I need to fulfill it. My “job” is to simply enjoy myself and observe the evolution of my desires and intentions. I believe new opportunities are constantly coming my way and that I will be ready to embrace each and every one of them, without having to frantically follow a checklist set out for me by the latest success guru. I intend to have it all: the joy of art making, an art business that springs out of that, and plenty of leisure time to share with the people I love. I’ve had some successes in achieving this, and realising that art is part of everything I do.

Body, mind, and spirit are fully occupied with living the artful, art-filled life.

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