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The Art of Possibility

Last night I cracked open a book that I had just picked up from my local public library. I had never heard of the Zanders, Rosamund Stone Zander, and Benjamin Zander, but I liked the title (which I have appropriated for my entry today). And I haven’t even told you the subtitle yet: transforming professional and personal life. Mmmmmhmmmmm, sounds good. Well, cracking open that book let a lot of light into the room. So despite the fact that I’d had a full day at work, and a meeting afterward, and it was past my usual bed time, I went to the computer to find these people. The links above are well worth mining for many golden nuggets, but if you want a real jolt of inspiration, watch this.

I am giving myself an A! Make sure you do that, too! Shall we raise our A’s and make a toast?

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