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The Art of Cropping

I call this new double page spread, from one of my art journals,  “Every Moment.”

Every Moment ~ double page journal spread by Carol Wiebe

Every moment, something is waiting to be born in your life ~ let your mind open to each possibility and your arms will acquiesce.

Glare is always an issue, even though I used matte varnish. And I felt I should at least try to put some words on a page ~ this is a journal, after all. I liked it better without them.

Luckily, thanks to my good friends and teachers, Diane and Jeane, I have learned a few things about cropping. I am still working on orientation (These women will shift a painting into a better orientation faster than you can flip a pancake. And they are always right!).

Here is my first crop of Every Moment.

Every Moment 2

The second crop (on this one I added a light Photoshop filter):

Every Moment 3

And my third crop:

Every Moment 4

It’s an interesting exercise, this cropping. I will continue to practice it.

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