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The Art Exchange Becomes Real

I sent away a package to Australia a few weeks ago, for an art exchange, and hope that my little Canadian self portrait actually reaches its intended destination. I have not heard any word about it yet.

However, today I received a package in the mail, and was delighted to find this lovely tie-dyed piece of cloth by Denise Dian.

Tie dye cloth ~ by Denise Dian

I was thrilled, and suddenly the art exchange has become real: I have something in my hands made by another artist because of it.

Denise describes herself, on her website as an experienced “professional designer and free-lance artist, with a degree in Studio Art/Graphic Design.” She expresses her creativity “in many forms such as fine arts, graphic design, desktop publishing, fiber art, sewing and a variety of crafts.”

Thank you, Denise, for sharing your artistry with me!

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