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That Old Devil Moon

The March 19 “Super Moon” was spectacular to behold. My husband and I had the good fortune of being in the country, so no street lights blurred our vision. When the moon first rose, we saw it as a blazing orange, with an azure sky behind it ~ I’d say faux New Mexico, but this was very real. The sky went from turquoise at the horizon and different gradations led it into ultramarine, which took over as the sky darkened.

My little digital camera. fine for my usual guerilla photography, didn’t capture much of an image. Strangely enough, taking pictures of  out backyard birdbath, recently covered in a fresh batch of snow, provided the basic pics from which a few Super Moon digital works emerged. They are not pictures of the moon, but they capture some of the feeling I had enjoying that Super Moon.


Super Moon 1

I’ll share more Super Moon digital works tomorrow.

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