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That Invaluable Viewfinder

People often ask me why I am taking a particular photograph.

Why is that interesting to you? Can you see something there? Isn’t that just a (fill in the blank) ?

The questions usually reflect a common reaction, which is puzzlement. However, if I stop and show them the photograph I have just snapped, in the viewfinder of my camera, the puzzlement will then elicit a smile, and an acknowledgement that the photo was worth taking. It’s as if, as small as it is, the viewfinder has framed my vision and created a tiny painting that is now accessible.

The viewfinder does that for me, as well. I use it to compose the photograph in the first place, and I usually try quite a few variations. Thanks to digital cameras, I don’t have to worry about “wasting” film.

My camera’s viewfinder, then, is invaluable ~ as an adjunct to my own eyes, and a display for others.

Ripped Out Porch Pile ~ Pile of Used Lumber

I don’t know about you, but I would hang the following version on MY wall!

Magenta Deconstruction

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