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That All Encompassing Blue

Coming down can be quite innocent: down the elevator, the escalator, a ladder.

But if your mood is coming down, be vigilant! A little pampering may be in order, so you feel loved. Or perhaps some self talk is needed: “You can get through this. You always have before. Remember to breathe.”

It won’t hurt to count your blessings, either. I would have so many to count, there would be no time left to feel down.

Coming Down

By the way, “Coming Down” is another image created from the blue window photo. That’s appropriate, isn’t it? Sometimes we seem to be seeing the world through a blue window.

But blue isn’t just about feelin’ the blues. It’s actually a holy color. The Virgin Mary is often seen in blue, and the Buddha was usually depicted as blue. The sky and the sea are “blue.” That’s a LOT of blue. Also, blue is by far the favorite color.

If it is so all encompassing, and so popular, maybe it’s time to stop describing our down times as “the blues.”

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