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Terra Incognita

Nikolas Schiller is a cartographer who has turned maps into art. Two years ago, the Washington Post described him as a sly, rebel cartographer who “makes maps that look like quilts, masks, feathers, acid trips.” He has been creating these since 2004. I happen to think they are gorgeous.

One of his categories is called a Quilt Series. He also has a Mandala Series (the Jefferson Mandala is my favorite), a Star Series and many others you can explore for yourself.

Just for fun, I went to Google Maps and picked a place randomly. You may, or may not, be able to decipher the location. Schiller, of course, would not use Google Maps. He would use something like U.S. Geological Survey, or a source only a professional cartographer would have access to.

This is the Google map I chose:

Google Map of Montreal and Environs

Google Map

And here are some patterns produced from the map:

Satellite Design 1

Satellite Design 2

Satellite Design 3

This could get addictive! And, if you take a glimpse at Daily Design Papers, in my case it already has. You can find design sources, as I have said before, EVERYWHERE. You can produce a design from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. That is part of the addiction: you want to achieve that. You know it is impossible, but you can’t stop trying. EVERYTHING is a very challenging amount to deal with.

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