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“Tender” is a mixed media art quilt.

“Tender is my heart” is a line from one of the couple’s favorite songs.

Dragonfly, or “Tonbo” in Japanese, represents new beginnings, good fortune and long marriage.

The angel is one of my son’s drawings.

On a recent webwalk, I serendipitously discovered the work of Michelle Caplan. I was mesmerized! This, I thought, is something I want to do. My youngest son and his wife were about to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, so I created a mixed media quilt portrait (I think I’m going to have to tweak that name. It doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue). Anyway, I painted a little house in the bottom corner, because they had been looking for a place of their own for months, and 3 days after I completed the quilt they put an offer down on the home they are living in now. My neighbor came over and quipped, ”I’m bringing over an old lottery ticket and some money for you to make me an art piece out of. There’s some magic in what you do!” That also proved prophetic–his wife soon commissioned me to do a portrait collage, using her passion for chocolate as a theme. I’m working on that piece right now.

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