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Tammy Vitale

Tammy Vitale, a dear and supportive blogosphere friend, is featured on MMCA Marketplace.

I happened upon Tammy’s blog, Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together, and soon became a regular reader for a number of reasons. I love her work: it has wonderful energy and is very unique. Her ceramic torsos are gorgeous, as are her tiles and jewelery. And they all work together: a piece of jewelry (when it’s not being worn) might hang on the torso and a tile may continue a theme from a torso.


Then there are her drawings, which come straight from her soul, and which are a celebration of life as she so deeply experiences it. I also fell in love with her poetry, which she shares now and then.

We began making comments on each other’s blogs, and emailing back and forth. I suspect that Tammy is a great support to many others, as well. As she says in the interview:

I believe that it’s important to share what you have discovered with anyone interested enough to ask.  They will take the information and make it their own.  This is not stealing.  It is building upon what has come before.  All artists do it. I also believe that there is an energy that artists channel – we are creators in that it comes through us – like children.  And like children, the energy is not ours to keep.  We get it here.  We nurture it.  We put it out there so whomever is looking for it can find it and take it to its true home.

Tammy has inspiring advice for the emerging artist:

Believe in yourself first.  Everything else comes from that.  Then be willing to be passionately committed to your art.  Treat it like you would your dearest love…that kind of devotion.

Well, I believe in Tammy. Her passion, generosity, and devotion shine through everything she does.


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