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Taking Risks With Jeane Myers

I’ve written about her before, and when I read on Artit that Jeane was coming to Ontario, I signed up right away for the class she will be teaching at Southampton Art School. It happens in the beginning of May.

Jeane uses oils and encaustic. I’m an acrylic lover. But that is inconsequential: I love her spirit, her attitude, her style. I am ready to take risks alongside this fearless leader, who continually demonstrates the “going deeper” with her art that she advises to others .

And, the truth be told, I want to cast my eyes over her dragon watch. I’m just putting it out there, Jeane. If you are not wearing that watch, I will have to work very hard at repairing my downcast expression. The cashmere jacket and saddle shoes would be a nice bonus, but that watch is a must see. If I’m having trouble with a certain risk, you could bribe me with another glimpse of the watch. I want to join the crowd that has gone, in your words, ga ga over it.

I have not been to the Southampton Art School, but it appears to be an amazing venue for making and seeing art. I spoke on the phone to Sharon Barfoot, the director, and subsequently explored her blog. Even Sharon’s profile is inspiring, which is no mean feat. And her art leaves you breathless.

I may require some resuscitation, what with the over stimulation of  both Barfoot and Myers occupying the same building. But I am bringing my sunglasses, my sense of adventure, and a great willingness to throw caution to the wind.

Wanna join the fun and folly, huh? I dare ya, I double dare ya! What’s life ~ or art ~ without braving a few risks here and there!

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