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Supra-Sex Leads To Co-Creation

I’ve been fascinated by videos that feature Barbara Marx Hubbard, lately. She offers some very intriguing ideas.

Take a look and tell me what you think, especially about the supra-sexual, in which one is aroused by creativity. I could be the pin-up for that one.

There are plenty of links to keep your thoughts hopping, as well as Barbara’s own website, Foundation For Conscious Evolution and Thinking Allowed, a television series and DVD collection, presented on PBS.

This woman is 80 years old, and brimming with exciting plans. That alone is worth paying attention to, as far as I’m concerned.

Barbara says:

We have a lot of images of breakdown — of environmental breakdown, of Armageddon, of social collapse. But where is the image of a positive future equal to our spiritual, scientific, and social powers? It’s still hidden.

This leading visionary thinker is certainly doing her utmost to manifest a positive outlook of the future.

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