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Such Wild Love

Mary Oliver, in her inimitable way, admits to emotions of wild love towards the sun:

and have you ever felt for anything such wild love– do you think there is anywhere, in any language, a word billowing enough for the pleasure
that fills you, as the sun reaches out, as it warms you as you stand there, empty-handed . . .

Over the top? Our life depends on that fiery orb, and who has not felt a wonderful lift when sunlight broke through the clouds after a week of drizzle and rain? A billowing pleasure, indeed.

Today the neighbor’s tree seems to have captured the sun within its branches: the yellows and reds glow like fire. It is not just an artist’s spirit that is lifted and carried aloft by such a glorious display of color.

A small portion of the tree's glorious display

A single leaf

I love the way this leaf is framed within the pavement by a triangle of cracks. Somehow it is fitting that a drying leaf comes to rest on cracked pavement. I find the textures pleasing as well.

In a very short time, Photoshop Elements provides the beginning of a design. I shall work more on this, later.

As above, so below

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